Massage and beauty

You can experience a double premiere: the 4 Elements Spas by Althoff are the basic principle of how we understand „Spa and Wellness“. And the newly created rooms in the Seehotel Überfahrt for the Spa are also a new concept by Althoff: Each treatment room is an at least 38 sqm large suite with a changing area, bathroom, relaxation area, treatment area and balcony. This room concept is unique in Europe and also provides the latest furniture for Spas such as the gold quartz sand couch, which has never been installed in any other Spa and is otherwise only found in medical areas. Let yourself be surprised, pampered, relaxed and balanced. That is the basic principle of how we understand „Spa and Wellness“.

Opening hours ALL SUITE SPA

Monday - Friday, 10.30 a.m. - 06.30 p.m.

Saturday, 09.00 a.m. - 06.30 p.m. 

Sunday, 09.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m.    

Reception spa area

Daily 09.30 a.m. - 06.30 p.m.    

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An intense feeling that you can experience only in the 4 elements spas by Althoff awaits you: “New Face by Althoff” & “Aramo Signa-ture Treatment” – two holistic Spa experiences, which stand for the perfect interaction of the 4 elements and were developed in meticulous work over many years.


It begins with scents and sounds in the opening ritual, finds its climax in a duet of synchronized massage and ends with a refreshing finalritual that brings you back to reality with a smile and energy.

60 min. | 150 €


Experience the transformation of your facial features! With this unique manual facial treatment, you will receive an entirely “new”, rejuvenated and completely relaxed face.

60 min. | 110 €

Jump in the hay

Hay bath, from the Salzburg country in our soft-pack. Pure hay, rich in many different herbs. The body is embedded in freshly evaporated hay. Stimulates the metabolism, with a detoxifying and purifying effect. Tensions are released.

40 min. | 60 €


As if floating weightlessly on a pleasantly temperate waterbed, you will forget time and space on the soft-pack couch and enjoy full body wraps to provide ultimate relaxation and relieve body tension. The constant pressure of the water increases the absorption capacity of the skin 10-fold. In that way more active substances are taken up by the body.


Enjoy a Thai massage experience with special depth effect. With healing touches, consisting of passive stretching and extending movements, joint mobilizations and pressure point massages, ten selected energy lines that run through the body as an energetic network according to Ayurveda are stimulated dynamically and powerfully.

Thai yoga massage

One of the most effective ways of relaxing, during which your entire body is massaged and stretched. Blockages are released, while well-being spreads throughout the body. Please wear light sports clothing for your Thai Yoga massage.

85 min. | 145 €

Rainbow massage

On our unique amphibian water bed you will experience a particularly decelerating full-body massage with aroma oils. The water chambers of the bed are heated to a comfortable temperature for you – the gentle floating effect and the changing light colours provide a deep form of relaxation.

50 min. | 110 €


The feeling is so wonderful that you will surely want to experience it over and over again: On the unique, heated Amphibia waterbed we will spoil you with water therapy, a soothing aroma rainbow massage or with integrated colour light treatment for optimal deep relaxation.


As the minutes go by, you will increasingly feel how every single muscle becomes lighter and more relaxed: The quartz lounger, which has previously only been used in the medical field and is unique in Europe’s Spas, is filled with gold-plated quartz stones. The crystals are warmed to 37 °C and relax muscular tension. What remains is a feeling of pure well-being.

Balance in the gold quartz bed

Pure relaxation in warm quartz sand, like in ancient Egypt. The warm sand flows around your body, is adapted to the contours of your body and creates an optimum pressure relief as well as the consistent and uniform transfer of heat. The dry and mild heat ensures a rapid and intense deep relaxation and brings your energy flow into balance. Feel how 37 degrees gold quartz crystals soothingly warm your body and relieve tension.

30 min. | 45 €

Aramo Signature Treatment

The unification of the 4 elements in one experience. The holistic Signature Treatment concerns the entire body and soul. It begins with special scents and sounds during the commencing ritual, culminates in the four-handed synchronous treatment and ends with a refreshing final ritual to release you back into reality with a smile and full of energy.

60 min. / 150 €


Would you like to share the most wonderful moments with your favourite person? Then let us invite you to the partner suite. Equipped for massages for two persons at the same time, you can enjoy a mutual pampering experience that connects, inspires and will remain in joyful memory for a long time.


Embark on a unique journey, during which bowls are placed on your clothed body, beaten or held directly over your body. The sound waves touch the mind, body and soul as fine vibrations, flow through your body and reach all the cells. The gentle, penetrating vibrations help you to let go and relax.

Singing bowl massage

The singing bowls are placed on your clothed body or held directly over the body. Our body, which consists mainly of water, is gently vibrated by the sound waves of the singing bowls. The cells of the body are thus massaged from the inside, so to speak. The body relaxes and blockages are resolved.

50 min. | 85 €